A lover of fashion, a hoarder, a compulsive shopper and got an Eye for expensive pieces. And I strongly believe in fashion is what you wear.

I started a blog to give people a sneak peak and a taste of my wardrobe; what I own, what I like buying, my taste in clothes, my cravings and obsession. I own too many pieces from clothing to shoes to accessories you name it ( I am LIKER of things), and it just hit me recently that there is no way I will be able to wear erry’thing could be due to either weather , lifestyle, where you reside, occasion. Yes fashion is what you wear but there are places, times, climate that we need to consider when comes to fashion; hope you get me. So that being said I decided to play dress up, mixing and matching my pieces to create le look for different occassions.

Thus this blog serves as a platform to share my love for fashion. My vision and goal is to create a source of inspiration to women and lovers of fashion.

Ooh and not only will I be posting about fashion but also my passion for photography. I am an amateur photographer.
I eat, I breath fashion and photography.

Love and Light.


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